Our Small, Family-Owned Small Brand Company

Caring for babies’ skin (and futures)

After having kids of our own, we discovered that many natural products that were safe for use around children and familys had a trade off– they were not very effective. So for the past 4 years we’ve worked with a team of professional dermatology, beauty expert and chemists to create household products that are both safe and effective.

Fast forward to today. With thousand of bottles sold.

With Each Purchase, You’re Helping Build a...

Healthy Family & Caring Community

Made in the MALAYSIA.

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We work with dermatologists and pediatricians to create the best formulas possible.

All of our products are created with the support of biologists, pediatricians, and dermatologists, and are rigorously tested to ensure they’re hypoallergenic, gentle, and nurturing enough for babies.

Where Can I Buy Baby Beauty?

“You can't buy Happiness but you can Buy Local and that's kind of the same thing.”